Jewellery Repairs

Our on-site workshop is based in our Newmarket branch. This is where we carry out most jewellery repairs. 

Specialised repairs will be passed on to our other workshop where they will assess the repair and provide you with a free estimate for the work. 

Watch & Clock Repairs

On-site, we are able to replace watch batteries, provide and fit watch straps and alter watch bracelets. 

More involved repairs such as watch servicing, battery reseals and clock/pocket watch repairs are carried out by our Watch Department off-site and by our qualified watch technician with over 30 years experience. 

We are also able to service luxury watches such as Cartier, Rolex and Omega as well as providing battery replacements and reseals. Estimates available.



Ring Resizing (depending on security of setting/style of ring) from £25.00 

Rejoin Ring Shank (includes polish) from £25.00 

Cleaning & Polishing from £10.00

Rhodium Plating from £50.00

Arthritic Beads from £65.00

Ring Shank Replacements from £95.00

Jump Ring Replacement from £15.00

Chain Repairs from £15.00

Charm Soldering from £10.00

Re-build/Replacing End Caps from £20.00

Supply & Solder New Clasps from £20.00

Supply & Solder New Safety Chain from £45.00

Claw Work from £40.00

Re-stringing from £15.00

More specialised work such as stone replacement will be sent to our workshop for an estimate, free of charge. 

 Estimates are also available upon request.


Watch Batteries from £10.00

Watch Battery & Reseal from £59.95

Watch Straps from £12.95

Watch Servicing from £75.00 

Watch Bracelet Repair from £10.00

Watch Glass Replacement from £35.00

Button & Stem Replacement from £49.95

Clock Repairs from £50.00

Watch Bracelet Clean from £10.00

Estimates are available upon request